#83 Layers of intimacy

Layers of Intimacy is a research on composition and improvisation in intimate encounters. It’s a choreographic approach to understand and create qualities of togetherness. How and why do we make our choices in sex? How do we move from one phase to the next? What intelligences and skills are important in that intimate process, and how do we train them?

If we look at sex as a social, usually improvised, highly nuanced bodily performance, this everyday practice moves close to other sensual, aesthetically complex and pleasurable performances. It can be analyzed, learned, differentiated by the same means. In Layers of Intimacy, we work as a group in the studio with the improvisation method PTC by Dr. Alan Bern, which makes the knowledge fund of compositional theory from music and dance accessible for improvisation. It is a clearly structured and socially aware approach. The goal is to create an empowering methodological work (an improvisational method) that is sensitive to power and gender dynamics and differentiates intimacy in its physical practice.  We want to understand how we maneuver intimacy with each other: this has relevance to both professional settings (for example in rehearsal contexts) and personal interactions.

In brief: Layers of Intimacy thinks composition and sex together. 

während der residenz


Jede Woche ihres Stipendiums gibt die Gruppe einen Einblick in ihren Forschungsprozess.


IKSK - Institut für Körperforschung und Sexuelle Kultur
Valentin Rion, Cali Kobel, Ayo Gry, Genevieve Simmons, Colin Brush



04.09. - 02.10.2023
01.10.2023, 19h00


Alan Bern

Alan Bern (Bloomington, Indiana, 1955) is an American Jewish composer, pianist, accordionist, educator and cultural activist, based in Berlin since 1987. He is the creator of Present-Time Composition (PTC), a method for spontaneous co-creation that deeply explores individual impulses in their... weiterlesen