Blind Date 3: rural or urban -„love“ knows no cartography

What is the center of artistic action and what is happening on the perispheria? 

How you define those spatial categories is all about relations. What one defines as a rural area depends on surrounding cities and comparable terrain.

For some participants of BLIND DATE 3 who come from mega cities, for example in Brasil or Mexico, sometimes Cologne feels like a rural area, too.

William Sanchez from SZENE 2TEI works close to the Black Forest. He thinks that in the „province“ it can be more difficult to unfold your full potential. Because often options are limited. Even though one may think that the beauty of nature and the imtimacy of closeness can set free different powers. 

William for example appreciates the closer connection to the audience in rural areas very much. When people from the audience invite you to dinner after the performance. And also Silvia Ehnis from the dance collective Tacho Tinta who lives in Cologne likes to come to Flensburg for working. Even if she does not believe in the romantic idea of going outside to get inspired. For her going to Flensburg is „just a very possible way to create connection to the audience.“

Isolte from the Signdance Collective throws in that rural touring can have a touch of arrogance, too. When, for example, the Royal Shakespeare Community visits a small village in the UK for two days and afterwards is is not seen for ten or more years.

Trying to reach „the high aesthetic standards of the big city culture“ is a very limited perspective on how to improve rural art culture. This just cannot be the desired standard!