flausen+scholarships 2023

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This year we have received 138 applications, thank you!

From 15.12.2021 to 15.03.2022, professional freelance artist groups from the performing arts had the chance to apply online for a flausen+research scholarship in 2023.

The special thing about flausen+scholarships is that it is a four- week research scholarship for new and daring ideas. The model project wants to give professional ar tists a laboratory oppor tunity to try out new forms, to experiment, to explore, question and test their style, free of performance and result constraints over a cer tain period of time. Instead of a premiere, there will be a public makingOFF on the final evening, leading through the research.

In addition to providing cost-free use of a stage, a flat and the assumption of other benefits (supervision, a specialized mentoring, material costs, etc.), the scholarship also provides support for the artists.

In May 2022, 18 groups out of all applications will be invited by a pre- jury to the finalchoice in Oldenburg to present their idea live. A nationwide expert jury will then meet and decide which of these groups will receive the research scholarships in 2023. The members of the jury will be presented on this website.

See below some brief information on the content and form of the scholarship and the conditions for application. The information is available in English to ensure that all applicants have the same understanding, whatever language they speak. Applications can be submitted in German and English.

Brief information

Who is the scholarship aimed at?

Professional freelance artists from fields of the Performing arts will receive a research scholarship on the basis of an personal developed idea, which is committed to daring and experimenting, in order to research, realise and present their ideas together in a flausen+ residence theatre.

What requirements do we need to bring along as a group?

A) A professional status of all par ties involved is required. The participants must provide evidence of at least two productions or professional work (own productions or participation). Proof of professional status will be requested in the second application step. In the first application step only the completed and signed form is required. The date of submission the digital application applies. In the case of postal submissions, the date of reception (not the postmark) applies.

B) The scholarship is aimed at professional freelance artists without age restriction.

C) The scholarship is designed for four people, at least three of whom should work on stage. A pure one-, two- or three-person sponsorship is currently not planned. If there are more than 4 scholarship holders, the group is responsible for the financing (subsistence allowance/ apartment) of the additional scholarship holders for the entire residence period.

D) The applicant’s primary residence must be in Germany.

What does the scholarship offer?

  • A working stay for four weeks and four people in one of the 8 flausen+ residence theatres: Freies Werkstatt Theater (Cologne)/ Theater im Ballsaal (Bonn)/ Theaterlabor (Bielefeld)/ Theater neben dem Turm (Marburg)/ Theater werkstatt Pilkentafel (Flensburg)/ theater wrede + (Oldenburg), Sensemble (Augsburg) and Combinale (Lübeck).
  • A maintenance allowance of currently 2.000,- Euro per person for the complete period of four weeks.
  • A research budget for materials (stage, costume, media, etc.) in the amount of 500,- Euro.
  • Professional process support by a mentor.
  • Organisational coordinating, technical advice and dramaturgical supporting of the research by the residence theatre.
  • The residence theatre takes care of the accounting, so that the artists can dedicate themselves exclusively to their project during their scholarship.
  • Networking with possible future venues, audiences, sponsorship, cultural offices and other production support.

What obligations apply to the scholarship?

A) There is a general obligation to attend (also for all additional scholarship holders) as stipulated in the contract.

B) A concept for the four research weeks is submitted in advance, which outlines the weekly work schedule, as well as a weekly logbook of the research work, which reflects and documents the research questions and paths in retrospect.

C) Scholarship holders are also obliged to attend a final event. The makingOFF is considered the last research day accompanied by an audience. Scholarship holders provide insights into their research project and have a direct opportunity to receive feedback in discussions with the public.

D) Final report/resume of the research residence.

Further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact flausen+headquarters:

Anne Seiler
0441.9987 9622 

March 2022.