Be provoked by dance!

Michael Nikodem: “Be provoked by dance!”; interactive dance performance (in english language)
9.10. / 19 Uhr / Room Hip Hop Spot / Entrance: 10 Euro Eintritt, 7 Euro reduced

A dance performance that is not a performance, but a world of ideas.
Imagine that the show was developed just for you. It seems to be only about you, your themes, your ideas. How is that possible? In our adult world of thought, there doesn’t seem to be much room for individual ideas because we have to work “together” somehow. Our world influences our ideas. The individual world of ideas becomes more alive again when we provoke it.

That’s what the dance collective Pulsar has set out to do with their new performance (in English): To provoke the audience through dance! In the background was the consideration: Art is not only there to puzzle us. Art is also there to help us understand ourselves. “It may be that your theme is being negotiated here subliminally. But it could also be that you go to a sandwich bar with a friend or colleague after work…”, write Pulsar, without wanting to give too much away. Behind this is a dance collective from Prague, founded in 2017 by Michal Záhora and Honza Malìk. The choreographer and the curator both graduated from the Duncan Centre Conservatory and also taught there. Their work has won several awards. The dancers have already performed “The End’s Turnabout” and “Generation X” in Chemnitz.

About the performer Michael Nikodem:
Michal Nikodem is a psychotherapist and relationship therapist with 11 years of experience. He has gained his life experience in the USA, India, Italy and other countries. Before embarking on his therapeutic career, he established and successfully managed the first cooking school in the Czech Republic and a restaurant. In the self-development workshops and seminars he runs, he uses techniques from hypnosis and hypnotherapy, NLP, family and system constellations, and elements from Gestalt therapy. His main activities include working with relationships, addictions and accompanying clients in their search for the meaning of life, vocation and mission. His work and personal life are steeped in meditation and the joy of the many small daily pleasures.

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