Woche 4

koordinationAktuell, Residenz #68

more eel-lipsynch – shootings and editing. ______________________________________________________________________________ Spacing: The wall is not enough – since we work a lot with projections, we have to figure out the aesthetics of them.→ hologram like projection with laser gauze – doubling the image, making the gap visible → with more money and more time it would be interesting to do three or four layers to emphasize … Read More

Woche 3

koordination2022, Aktuell, Residenz #68

Bühnenversuche – tech week Eel-Dances. How to translate movement into light – and how is this interconnection influencing the movement?Using the gyroscope of the phone which detects the rotation of the phone, the colors of the lights can be changed by movement – a lot of finetuning. colors work the best, light intensitiy turns too much into strope vibewhat would … Read More