Soundtracking the stage

theaterwrede2019, Freies Werkstatt Theater, Residenz #43

 Özlem Alkis, Dieter Hebben, Susanne Grau, Clara-Marie Müller, Jennifer Döring Der Klangkörper und die Architektur der Theaterbühne stehen im Fokus der Forschung von „Soundtracking the Stage“. Untersucht werden alternative akustische Realitäten, die mit Objekten und Materialien erzeugt werden, die sich auf und hinter Bühne finden lassen. Welche virtuellen Körper können das Knacken von Scheinwerfern oder das Einrasten eines Bühnenpodestes entstehen … Read More

#43 Soundtracking the stage – Woche 4

theaterwredeResidenz #43

As we are approaching to an end -end of the residency- we became busy with what we are going to carry with us to the next step. Next residency, next production, next practice whatever comes after Flausen + Residency. Where we are now? What kind of questions does our practice bring? What are our questions when we practice something, something … Read More

#43 Soundtracking the stage – Woche 3

theaterwredeResidenz #43

The third week is about finding attitudes and to concert the materials (object and movement) together. Dynamics and Energy. What do we choose to bring forward? What else do we add to the material in order to perform? What do we layer? What do we see when we look at a material? What are the performing mods available? 24rd of … Read More

#43 Soundtracking the stage – Woche 2

theaterwredeResidenz #43

Soundtracking the stage Logbook week two 17th of July – 23rd of July Overview Practicing the Technique of the foley artist – Walking / jackets / stairs / surrounding – Playing with distance – Playing with speed and rhythm – Practice of listening!!! – Reduction Ideas that arrive from that – Moving the steps into space – Playing with the … Read More

#43 Soundtracking the stage – Woche 1

theaterwredeResidenz #43

First three days we learned what foley artst do and his tools: SYNCHRONIZATION – PRACTICE of LISTENING – FOREGROUND/BACKGROUND SOUND – PHYSICAL EMPATHY He specifcally work for recording with: • producing body movement sounds like cloth • (foot)steps • sound of a prop (actng with a prop) • atmosphere/ mood in cartoons We developed responses and physical exercises on that … Read More