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Coralie Merle, Jasiek Mischke, Mark Christoph Klee, Sarah Kerbosh und Guusje de Bruin Lottogewinn? Krass! Deine Cousine ist von ihrem Heroin-Dealer schwanger? Krass! Du lebst vegan? Krass! Dieses kleine Wörtchen „Krass“ ist weder geil noch scheiße; das Wort alleine ist nicht wertend. Mark Christoph Klee, Coralie Merle, Sarah Kerbosch und Guusje de Bruin und Jasiek Mischke möchten herausfinden, was es … Read More

Woche 4

theaterwredeResidenz #49

WRAPPING-UP-CONNECTING-THE-CHERRY-ON-TOP-PROCESS-PARCOURS Final week. This week was all about finding connections, looking back and aiming to achieve endless transformation in the unfinished. Realising Sarah’s pitch…seducing attention Trail trail trail, train of thought, choir of spoken word, tying up loose ends, witches circle, feeding the speaker, cutting the strip, never thinking the thought, keeping it small, delicate, sensitive, whisper, tenting construction of … Read More

Woche 3

theaterwredeResidenz #49

FIVE PITCHES  This week was about going deeper into some of the starting points we already have, to discover how they potentially interact with each other How to create transformation by…imagining Pitching, imagination, describing the unseeable, ultimate performance, speaking the unthinkable, finding transformations, transforming within descriptions, from idea to idea, bringing opposites together, merging the unmergeable, triggers Coralie’s pitch…performative parcours … Read More

Woche 2

theaterwredeResidenz #49

Entering the second week we continued to research the remaining two questions. How to create transformation by…expanding and condensing Zooming in zooming out, liquid when decompressed, rigid when pressured, false perspective, switching far away and closeby, plissé fabric, literally zooming in, abstract outzoom, exchange of fluidity between bodies transformed into dance Sticking to the starting point Not knowing it will lastCounting … Read More

Woche 1

theaterwredeResidenz #49

INTRODUCTION Having worked together in smaller collaborations before, we are now coming together for the first time as one group. We are interested in various forms of transformation, with the goal of never arriving. In the weeks prior to our residency we decided to get into the mood of endlessly transforming things by creating small artworks and then handing them … Read More