Woche 4

theaterwredeResidenz #52

ELEVATOR BITCHES FLAUSEN RESIDENCE LOGBOOK RESTING // CARE What does “resting” mean?How can we rest together?How can we listen to ourselves and each other? We took time for a body scan and discovered how tired we are.We researched our voices and how we can use them to speak up. We worked with our bodies and researched how we could give … Read More

Woche 3

theaterwredeResidenz #52

ELEVATOR BITCHES FLAUSEN RESIDENCE LOGBOOK How can we use our voices to talk about pain? What stories can we tell together about pain and violence? How does the story of one influence the story of the other one? Can we transform our pain through singing? MOANING /// STÖHNEN Was bedeutet Stöhnen?Wo liegt der Ursprung? Wo der Schmerz?Wo, die Heilung?Wo beginnt … Read More

Woche 2

theaterwredeResidenz #52

ELEVATOR BITCHES FLAUSEN RESIDENCE LOGBOOK COLLECTIVE // PAIN Is feeling something that you do alone or in a group? collectiveness a lot of wordsfloating around bodies next to each other touchingjust your little toe is touching minebut stillit’s there don’t be afraid of the others what do we meanwhen we saywe want to talk about the pain of others? Individueller Schmerz kann … Read More

Die Elevator Bitches präsentieren: Melpomene

theaterwrede2020, Residenz #52, theaterlabor bielefeld

Esther Vorwerk, Paola Pilnik, Naomi Boyce, Sophia Hankings-Evans, Elena Schmidt Eine Recherche über Gewalt gegen FLINT [Frauen, Lesben, Inter-, Nicht binäre und Transpersonen] und dem daraus hervorgehenden Schmerz Wo fängt Gewalt an? Welche speziellen Formen von Gewalt gibt es, die mit den Strukturen unserer Gesellschaft zusammen hängen? Wie funktioniert das System, das diese Gewalt hervorbringt? Die Elevator Bitches erforschen, wie … Read More

Woche 1

theaterwredeResidenz #52

ELEVATOR BITCHES FLAUSEN RESIDENCE LOGBOOK INTRODUCTION We are a group of performance makers who have worked together in various constellations. We now come together to research the performance of violence and pain. Together we investigate the ways in which performance transforms the experience of pain and can resist structures of violence. WHO WE ARE Naomi Boyce (USA/DE) creates dramaturgies and … Read More