Woche 3

koordinationResidenz #63

This week ́s focus was on experimenting with different stage lights and on how the presence and absence of spectators would change our feelings, thoughts and movements. While focusing on individual photo shootings last week to create more intimate and private pictures, this week’s approach was to bring the three of us in interaction and relation in front of the … Read More

Woche 2

presseResidenz #63

How to reach a dialogue between dance, photography and the topic of shame?How to challenge existing imagery on this topic? How embodied emotions influence us and the space we occupy? What does it mean to go deeper in this collaboration? How to challenge ourselves? Which methods to use to reach multiple points of conversation? During the second week in Flausen … Read More

Woche 4

koordinationResidenz #63

During the last week of our research, we really tried to concentrate on crystallising some ideas of how would our collective work translate to the audience? What are the ways our work could be shown/performed in a theatre space? We were wondering whether people should know of the research topic as they enter the space? What kind of elements could … Read More

Woche 1

theaterwredeResidenz #63

The first week of the flausen+ research project at Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel has been a great start of ourcollaboration as a collective. As our goal of this residency is to explore the topic of shame through dance and photography, we explored possible ways and methods to work with each other during this first week. We got to know each other’s needs … Read More