Woche 4

koordinationAktuell, Residenz #68

more eel-lipsynch – shootings and editing. ______________________________________________________________________________ Spacing: The wall is not enough – since we work a lot with projections, we have to figure out the aesthetics of them.→ hologram like projection with laser gauze – doubling the image, making the gap visible → with more money and more time it would be interesting to do three or four layers to emphasize … Read More

Woche 3

koordination2022, Aktuell, Residenz #68

Bühnenversuche – tech week Eel-Dances. How to translate movement into light – and how is this interconnection influencing the movement?Using the gyroscope of the phone which detects the rotation of the phone, the colors of the lights can be changed by movement – a lot of finetuning. colors work the best, light intensitiy turns too much into strope vibewhat would … Read More

Woche 2

redakteurResidenz #68

Coaching mit Jasmin 22.07./ 23.07. Tasks:  Collective writing short presentations (videos, sound, choreography, try outs etc. etc.) based onwords/phrases/sentences from the collective writing: BARKING IN LETTERS: We discuss about the connection between eloquence and correct usage of language, which gets undermined by the speaker in this video OPEN MOUTHAntonia on stage, disinfecting her hands, opening her mouth, putting her whole … Read More

Woche 1

redakteurResidenz #68

week 1: anecdotes, reading, thoughts, collecting… … . . .. . what gets translated when we translate?Who is translating for whom?What language does our audience understand? _______________________________________________________________________ animal transformations: ANTONIA _ KRÄTZE LENA _ SPINNENHUND _______________________________________________________________________ kurioses aus dem Standesamt:“So, und da würde ich direkt mal die nächste Frage stellen. Wenn ich sie mir so anschaue, frage ich mich, ob … Read More