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flausen+ bundeskongress #3:
2nd and 3rd November 2021
at Freies Werkstatt Theater Cologne

Great that you’ve found your way here!

We’re very happy that you’re with us to explore new ways of togetherness. Your contribution towards flausen+bundeskongresses#3 isn’t just welcome, it’s also necessary for the success of the congress and for us to shape a future together.

On the 2nd and 3rd November 2021 we, the flausen+bundesnetzwerk (flausen+ national network), invite those working in the independent performing arts, cultural politics, academia and funding institutions to the third flausen+bundeskongressesThe Art of Crisis”live at the Freies Werkstatt Theater in Cologne, or online. 

Slowly, carefully and with breaks, we’re going to look at how to collaborate in new ways: What was your experience of the last year and a half? How did you survive? How would you like to go on living?

On the one hand, the +bundeskongress is about understanding and identifying the affects and consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic on the arts; on the other, it is about the opportunities this offers to think differently, to unlearn and to transform. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and roundups we will come closer to answers to the questions: How can we make what we are doing right now sustainable? How to do get there? On this journey, how do we deal with ourselves, each other and the environment?

As a dynamic process, flausen+ is always in flux and will continue to be developed - by artists for artists. Because of this, we see the congress as a work-in-progress. Visions for artistic processes, research, cooperation and cultural policy can be renegotiated and formulated in relation to the needs of those involved - both in cities and beyond, also cooperating internationally

At the same time, we're inviting you to create a "safer space" together, paying attention to individual needs and creating an equal and sustainable environment, conceived as an existential and long-term process. Our Community Agreement exists to support this. All participants of the congress are invited to revise and/or add to points already collected in order to create a safe(r) environment for all participants to express their prespectives.

We are striving to organise a more accessible event, but are aware that barriers remain. What we have considered: Through the hybrid delivery of the congress, we are enabling digital participation even for people who cannot be involved in an analogue event. There are AI-generated subtitles for the contributions that take place in German or English spoken language. For further individual needs, the team can be contacted on site or in advance by email at: kongress@flausen.plus

The congress is organized by the flausen+ bundesnetzwerk in cooperation with the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste. This will be followed on 4th and 5th November 2021 by the first specialist conference for the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Knste within the framework of the funding program "Verbindungen fördern”.

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You can participate digitally or on site. We decided to apply a 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered). At registration you can select between a digital and analogue attendance; you can also attend digitally on one day and analogue on another.


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Please register here – as well for your digital attendance – on time.

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Here you can find out exactly what content awaits you at the congress, who is involved in creating it ... just browse through it.



the idea behind

With the Congress-O-Mat by kritikgestalten we want to give you an orientation about the exciting events of the congress. You can learn more about all the topics in short videos.


An extensive, exciting programme awaits you at the flausen+bundeskongresses#3. Find out more and click through all the events:



Episode 1

"Only networks can save us, only the international gaze can illuminate - but there must be space and time for that." >> listen here (in german).
In the podcast: Dorothea Marcus with Chang Nai Wen, Felix Worpenberg and Winfried Wrede.


about kritik-gestalten
kritik-gestalten explores new forms of theatre criticism, reports on the independent theatre scene in NRW, promotes young critics and experiments with podcasts, social media and video.


– News and a Live-Blog from flausen+bundeskongress#3

Here the editors of kritik-gestalten will blog live from the +bundeskongress#3. on 02. and 03.11.2021
If you want to know more about kritik-gestalten? Then click here.



Management team: Mechtild Tellmann, Gerhard Seidel, Guido Rademachers
Programme management & overall moderation: Chang Nai Wen, Felix Worpenberg
Coordination: Deborah Krönung
Graphics: Petra Münchrath
Communication/ PR flausen+bundeskongress: k3 berlin - Kontor für Kultur und Kommunikation
Communikation flausen+headquarter: Sarah Wilks
Translations: Christopher Langer
Technical Support: Ingo Esselen
Blog / journalistic support: kritik gestalten
Live-Event/digital implementation: Planetlan

An event of the flausen+bundesnetzwerks in cooperation with the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste and the Freies Werkstatt Theater Köln, with the support of theater wrede+.


Funded by: Programme "Verbindungen fördern" of the Federal Association Freie Darstellende Künste by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Ministry of Art and Culture of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Kunststiftung NRW, the City of Cologne and the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony.


media partners: Theater der Zeit, Stadtrevue, taz, theater heute


bringing actors together

At the flausen+kongress, artists, academics and politicians come together to discuss the future of flausen+, as well as the independent performing arts, and to address social/cultural policy issues.

strengthen performing arts

The aim of the joint debate is to make the untapped potential of small and medium-sized independent theatres visible and to promote a strengthening of research-based theatre practice.

shaping the future

In addition to taking stock of the present, the aim is also to look at what the future might look like. In addition to artistic research, the focus will therefore be on working realities in the performing arts, international exchange and active networking of small and medium-sized independent theatres.