at a glance

not production

A flausen+schorlarship offers freedom for scenic research beyond production logic and time pressure.

4 weeks
4 people
1 stage

The scholarship is designed for groups of 4 people doing hands-on research together for 4 weeks.


If something does not work out as expected, this is not a sign of failure, but an important research result. Failure also brings great insights.


Research projects often thrive on interdisciplinary approaches. Dance, performance, technology, objects, scenography, all at the same time? No problem.

mentoring and advice

Through mentoring, the group's process is repeatedly confronted with an outside perspective and supported when problems arise. Mentors help where they can, but their feedback is not binding–how the groups apply it is up to them.


At the end of a scholarship there is no premiere, but another research day with an audience. The interested audience should be involved in the research process instead of being shown a finished piece.

0 scholarships
2023 in 5 federal states

Within the flausen+bundesnetzwerk, the research scholarships are distributed to match the artistgroups with the appropriate theatre.

Vom Benutzen

Oddli Andersfisch


Hyper Us

Layers of intimacy


An evening of research with audience members


makingOFF is not about showing results, but about starting a conversation about processes. Individual excerpts are shown, and the audience is asked about their impressions. This discourse has proven to be extremely profitable for both sides.

it may be unfinished

Research thrives on trial and error and requires the courage to show scenic material at an early stage. flausen+ created the makingOFF framework to clarify that nothing complete has to be presented, and that the audience is there for the artists.

always different

The makingOFF is as diverse as the groups themselves. The format is moderated by flausen+ facilitators and adapted to the research work of the group.