Logbuch #2 – Woche 2


The week started with the arrival of Anna Hasche (interior architect, PL/DE) and Joe Wild (movement practitioner, GB). On their arrival we shared our individual experiences of the previous week through a mapping exercise. Each collaborator presented an interpretation of the previous week using different formats to communicate events as they experienced them.

For the rest of the week, each day started with our morning physical practice. This consisted of stretching, sitting meditation and Authentic Movement, each taking between 15 and 20 minutes. Then a ‘weather report’ allowed us to connect to the group and share sensations, states of mind and impressions from the previous exercise.

Group readings of Ranciere’s text continued and facilitated an understanding of how we wanted to approach working collaboratively. In particular, discussing topics such as translation and language in relation to our artistic practice provided a common ground for us to approach the subject of ‘the body of a diplomat’.

A key moment in the week consisted of a workshop led by Anna, where we investigated space and place and were introduced to the principles of Marc Auge on the concept of the ‘non-place’. This led us to an exploration of Oldenburg, as part of which we searched for a specific place that we then reconceived and presented as our personal place. We then invited the rest of the group to an experience inspired by that place either on location or transferring in to a new location (i.e. the theatre). From this we arrived at new questions about diplomacy as a spatial practice which would then inform many of the activities of the following week.