Logbuch #2 – Woche 3

MAPS: Materialising the speechless Diplomat

After discussing the ways in which the methodology of a collective could function in relation to the topic of the Body of a Diplomat, we decided to look for new strategies in order to translate ideas into practice. This involved contextualising and de-contextualising the activities and relationships of the diplomat to their environment.

As artists working in different disciplines we devised a format that enabled us to exchange and develop knowledge. We organised the week so that each artist proposed a workshop. As a starting point of this series of workshops, we looked at Anna’s proposition: how do we transform ‘space’ into ‘place’?

Overall, this week gave us a chance to lay-out and connect the different threads of our workshops. Our focus on diplomacy has triggered new questions on how to formulate and express our ideas on diplomacy, but also on how to reflect through what we are doing the specific methodology that we are developing. We looked at each person’s proposition individually, but also in the way it could inform another’s proposition. In the end, we were faced once again with the question: How much information is in the room, and what is the value of such information? In other words, how much can we trust the way we exchange knowledge, and how much faith should we actually have in language? Or, once could say, in the word of a diplomat?