pilot project


Together with laprofth Rhineland-Palatinate exclusively for artists from Rhineland-Palatinate!

Professional artists can apply as groups of 2 from the field of performing arts for a flausen+ 2-person-scholarship in Rhineland-Palatinate in 2023.

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#rlp1 when objects speak

#rlp2 how to do things with water

at a glance

not production

A flausen+scholarship offers freedom for scenic research beyond production logic and time pressure.

3 weeks
2 people
1 stage

The scholarship is designed for groups consisting of 2 people who do practical research together for 3 weeks at the Theater in der Kurve (Neustadt an der Weinstraße).


If something does not work out as expected, this is not a sign of failure, but an important research result. Failure also brings great insights.

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At the end of a scholarship there is no premiere, but another research day with an audience. The interested audience should be involved in the research process instead of being shown a finished piece.


Research projects often thrive on interdisciplinary approaches that bring together different perspectives. Dance, performance, technology, objects, scenography, all at the same time? No problem.

mentoring & counseling

Through mentoring, the group's process is repeatedly confronted with an outside perspective and supported when problems arise. Mentors help where they can, but are not directive - what the group does with the feedback is up to them.


theater in der kurve

The Theater in der Kurve in Neustadt an der Weinstraße is not only a venue for events, but also a production facility and place of artistic communication. The house is a space for matters of the heart, producing its own professional acting performances - from modern theater literature or from its own texts and concepts.

In 2023, the house will host the flausen+ pilot project of 2-person-scholarships for the first time.

theater in der kurve



flausen+ is funded by the Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien through the program „Verbindungen fördern“ of the Bundesverbands Freie Darstellende Künste e.V.

The pilot project is funded by the Ministry for Family, Women, Culture and Integration of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate.


application process

The application period is over- thank you for your applications!

want more info?

Take a look at our call for applications for the 2-person-scholarships. There you will find all information about the research scholarship as well as the application and selection process.


call for applications (EN)

how do we proceed?

The preliminary jury has already met and selected 5 groups from all applications. At the finalchoice they presented their research ideas live on stage. Afterwards, two groups were selected for the brand-new 2-person-scholarship.


any questions?

please contact:

Anne Seiler & Felix Worpenberg
0441 9987 96 22



not a presentation

A makingOFF is not about showing results, but about getting into a conversation about processes. Individual excerpts are shown and then the audience is asked about their impressions. This discourse has proven to be extremely profitable for both sides.

it is allowed to be unfinished

Research thrives on trial and error and requires the courage to show scenic material at an early stage. flausen+ creates a framework in the makingOFF and the clarity that nothing finished is shown and that the audience is there for the artists.

always different

As different as the groups are, as different is the makingOFF. The format is moderated by flausen+ facilitators and adapted to the research work of the group.