#82 A non-essential part of something

What is something that does not contribute to the essence of something else?

We want to continue to research the relationship between analog, robotic and digital materialities. Through experimentation in movement with robotic and digital elements we want to create landscapes where to ask questions about the connectivity between these materials. Problematize the relationship between body and technology conceptually and put it into practice in the rehearsal room.

We are motivated by a cross between art, technology and science that is not focused on increasing the productivity of the body but rather on bringing up questions about it. This is important for us as it is the way of exploring that we find can open up different experiences for us as corporealities as well as ways of meeting and connecting with other people interested in the topic of post-humanism, robotics, body modification and movement.


während der residenz


Jede Woche ihres Stipendiums gibt die Gruppe einen Einblick in ihren Forschungsprozess.


Post-Organic Bauplan:
Josefina Maro; Salvador Marino in collaboration with Jo ishi and Mar Ballarín



18.08. - 14.09.2023
13.09.2023, 19h00


Manuela Mantini

Manuela Mantini ist Regisseurin, Künstlerin und Dozentin, die interdisziplinär mit den Mitteln der bildenden und darstellenden Kunst arbeitet. Sie studierte Physical Theater nach Jaques Leqoc an der École International de Théâtre in Brüssel und Padua mit dem Schwerpunkt Regie sowie... weiterlesen