#35 We’R’Dansöz

We’R’Dansöz” is a research project dealing with the ‘belly dance’ which has always been a subject of orientalist approaches. But since that ‘female dance’ genre has a very different tradition in itself, it can also be a medium of self-empowerment for women. Some basic departure points of this research can be considered as the creation of an individual movement language based on belly dance technique, deconstruction of orientalist – erotic and exotic- female body images, sound improvisations based on silencing or cry -victimization or activism. Dealing with the power relations in artistic and social spheres, this collective women’s project can be medium of breaking some stereotypes and presenting a process outside the “normal” choreographic production framework.

während der residenz


Jede Woche ihres Stipendiums gibt die Gruppe einen Einblick in ihren Forschungsprozess.


Tümay Kilincel, Baly Nguyen, Berna Kurt, Hiba Shammout



09.08.2018, 18h00


Nora Amin

Performer, choreographer, author, theatre director and scholar. Fellow of the centre for Theatre of the Oppressed (Brazil, 2003), Alumni of the arts management program at John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (USA, 2004), S. Fischer guest professor (FU/Berlin... weiterlesen