#78 Zamakan

الزمكان”  al Zamakan is a mix-media project that incorporates video projection, installation and الزمكان live performance. The research revolves around time-space questions from a specific starting point: institutional waiting-rooms imposed onto certain diasporic bodies.

Centered in the body’s iconography, poses, repeated movements and breathings that are inhabited and witnessed in waiting-rooms, the ensemble proposes a non-linear process: collected images, projections, choreography, intertwined to develop a path through visual and staging possibilities.

Aesthetically, the stage will be made into a sphere and probed based on quechua (Andean) tridimensional cosmologie. In the center, our dancers, exploring their placement and movements and aspiring to go beyond, forward and further than the waiting room. The movement will start in mimesis and move towards the question: how to imagine a new that has yet not existed? Circles into unexpected forms will be grounded within this specific framework of space and staging.

To highlight waiting as the ‘eye of the storm’ and then descend into decolonial orbits of disorder means to dismantle the ‘sequentiality’ truth, to subvert binaries of stillness/turbulence, future/past, action/inaction. The inspiration lies on the research and writings of prominent thinker, professor and artist Denise Ferreira da Silva, as well as on the new wave of BraSilian performance artists influenced by her teachings, notably the duo Davi Pontes and Wallace Ferreira.

während der residenz


Jede Woche ihres Stipendiums gibt die Gruppe einen Einblick in ihren Forschungsprozess.


Reyna Mariana Nascimento, Samra Ghazal Alhamwi, Joni Barnard, Kinga Ötvös



02.07. - 29.07.2023
28.07.2023, 19h00


Luis Garay

Through choreographic systems and explorations on exercise, task and labour, Luis Garay dives into environments that could challenge ideas of productivity, time and presence. He often works with ecstatic bodies, obsessed with GIFS, machines and mechanisms. Nowadays, he gravitates towards... weiterlesen