project title

#RLP1 when objects speak


Martina Hering
Dr. Daria Ivanova


scholarship period:
22.06. – 12.07.2023


research topic

An artistic and scientific research in the field of puppetry, object and plastic theatre, dedicated to the analysis of the cultural heritage of Germany and Ukraine, in particular folklore (proverbs, songs, rituals, celebrate traditions) and fairy tales, which are known and popular throughout Europe but acquire different meanings, interpretations and reflections in each nation.

The puppeteers Martina Hering and Dr. Daria Ivanova-Hololobova seek to approach this problem from the artistic-scenic and theatrical-scientific points of view. The artists seek to find consonant and synonymous features, parallels between the plots known in Ukraine and Germany. The research focuses on the objects: how to make metamorphoses, how to express different emotions and reflections, how to make them alive and recognisable in different dimensions?


week 1

a little sneak-peek:
"...we tried a number of plastic and spatial improvisations with objects. The task was to distribute ourselves and our bodies on the stage, to feel the aura of the objects...."
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week 2

a little sneak-peek:
"...the work of the second week of the residency began as follows: to work out and improve the plastic score of the choreographic, dance, pantomime and emotional elements found to express the changes of the four calendar seasons...."
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week 3

a little sneak-peek:
"...the composer provided his vision of the musical and noise accompaniment of this etude, dedicated to the study of the metamorphosis of the seasons..."
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mareike buchmann

Mareike Buchmann is a movement researcher and performance artist. Her practice combines movement, text and voice and is intuitive, experimental and exploratory. Her artistic work is characterised by an autofictional approach and an interest in the poetic expression of the body. Mareike has been creating and producing her own dance and performance works since 2010: Die Warte (2016), Die Unruhe (2017), Lost (2019), Wellen (2021).

In 2021 Mareike was part of the artistic direction team of KANE_INNEN 2021 and in this context staged 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane at Landungsbrücken Frankfurt. In 2022 Mareike received the research grant from #TakeHeart for the project LEERSTELLEN - EINE UNTERSUCHUNG, and in 2021 the Dis-Tanz Solo grant from the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland. SYMSOMA emerges in 2021 and is the name of her dance practice, movement research and body philosophy. In 2022 Mareike founds IDA FLUX, a free ensemble for performance art, with conceptual funding from the city of Wiesbaden. IDA FLUX deals with stillness and questions of togetherness and was thus part of the International May Festival in Wiesbaden 2023. In her artistic dissertation project she is researching the topic "Body/traces/traces - orienting in movement. A Movement Research." The work is an exploration and deepening of her practice and sharpens her artistic profile in terms of a critical, affirmative and feminist understanding of the body.

In addition to her artistic work, she teaches and lectures on dance and movement research at various institutions. Mareike's approach is based on flexible perspectives and a trusting and empowering cooperation. She is particularly interested in practices that make one's own orientation perceptible and at the same time offer possibilities for re-/or dis-orientation.



flausen+ is funded by the Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien through the program „Verbindungen fördern“, which is part of the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste e.V.

The pilot project is funded by the Ministry for Family, Women, Culture and Integration of Rhineland-Palatinate.