Bonn to Istanbul:

To enter the video and link the spaces in two different countries the city walk of Istanbul is projected into the theatre in Bonn. We enter the staircases to Sedef`s flat, arriving in Istanbul. Cutted hands and feet from paper in white and red lead like traces through the apartment. We meet a woman, sitting on a table, in front of her sits another one, her head covered with a newspaper, a projection, but also a connection between cities and stories. Eyes watch out for each other, on the screens of cell phones. Words are there to name things. The woman does her hair, suddenly the movement of her arm becomes a gesture of resistance.

Four weeks long: this was just the beginning of a journey. Domestic violence is not a a private matter, a „tragic event“, a singular case. Not long ago Femicide became an official term to indicate it as a form of structural violence.

The topic of violence against women as a structural problem, the international and intercultural dialogue, the quest as artists to make this topic more broadly visible will be an ongoing challenge.

We all agree that this topic needs a longer research period (for us). One where we can also meet in person. Altogehter, there are a lot of traces to follow up on. Individually, as well as in the group. To public spaces. Connecting. Finding ways to make the invisible visible.