more eel-lipsynch – shootings and editing. ______________________________________________________________________________

Spacing: The wall is not enough – since we work a lot with projections, we have to figure out the aesthetics of them.
→ hologram like projection with laser gauze – doubling the image, making the gap visible → with more money and more time it would be interesting to do three or four layers to emphasize the 3d effect of the half transparent gauze an the multiplication of the image, the letters etc.

future ideas/questions: hanging (what strings as material, how visible are they?), mapping/little boxes..


back to the text – written forms:

Die Aal*in – book → discussion about how “whole” we should transfer the monologue to the audience – does everything need to be understandable?

what other ways of transferring the whole text to the audience we have? in opera it is quite common that real geeks are sitting in the audience and reading the libretto and/or music score during the show. why not also doing this more in theater? the book also functions as a hinge between the show framed by a specific time and space and the individual afterlife of the audience members. it is a work by itself and simultaneously linked to the performance..

word left overs/traces, pixelating words
also visually the poles between intelligibility and aesthetics are in our interest. similar to the question of voice (how far can you go to keep a little level of intelligibility without limiting yourself to dutifull neatness) we start to play with blurring words, making them unreadable, turning text into texture – subtitles loosing their purpose of transferring information/content and turning more into a atmospheric stimulation, a flashing of meaning which disappears in a wavy watery pool of color
→ using them for the eel dance
→ can they be more than just visuals??