Woche 2


Begins with the weekend…

Dancing in the kitchen to lift our spirits up… The summer in Flensburg is way colder than we imagined… We fill our bodies with heat from within, dancing house music in the studio in the middle of the night, while we try to find places with people to connect with… Who lives in Flensburg?

We talk randomly about food, our lives, our wishes for the research, the weather, shopping, what we question about folk dances and the theatre, make-up, fischbrötchen, colonialism in Flensburg and how Rum is a “thing” here: Richtig Reiner Rum, Richtig Reiner Rum, Richtig Reiner Rum; is folk dance being created somewhere now as we speak…? – on the edge of the water, at the harbour -, gender roles in joropo, share memes and laughter, spüllmaschine wieder ausräumen, how do we perceive rhythm? Wait… What is it anyways? Food – this kitchen is very inviting, and we all revolve around it -, sharing the books we read, pipi pause, can we include landscaping as a choreographic practice?, inner images and memories, the rain and the seagulls, the amazing strawberries, reading to each other, and, and and…

Important for our practice this week:

How can we synchronize? Do we follow the intention or the movement? Can we say the same words at the same time the other person is talking? Can we do the same movements at the same time the other person is moving? – We practice synching, by copying movement and intention, choreography, words, melodies, and songs.

How can we rhythmicalise together?

Count the syllables – Put them together – Compose

  1. Das
  2. Tüte
  3. Mexico
  4. Versicherung
  5. Acceleration
  6. Apfelsaftkonzentrat
  7. Turbarãoborboleta
  8. Threehundredthousandthirtytwo (300.032)
  9. Inincondizionatamente

Each morning we do a different warm-up lead by a different person. This week: Kalari with Indu, Water Practice with Darya, and Footwork in space with Maria. Each of us brings a new knowledge to share inside the constellation, we feed each other’s bodies, practices, and minds. As we do, living together, we explore coexisting in the studio. We embody animals while training, practice healing through moving our liquids and share a collective body as we move together in space.

Friday, will it be the last day of the week…? Let’s see…

Score: copy & coexist