Thursday, 23.04.2015
We construct a route. How can we relate to (semi-)public spaces like the main station? Re-framing of urban ready mades like architecture, social practices or persons, estranging/ alienating them and engaging with them. At the same time we began to ask us how a visible space and social practice is connected to many other ones which are mostly invisible. How are the nice streets of Oldenburg connected to the issues/realities of european border regimes? Can we connect these real, imaginary and symbolic spaces during our performance and
if so: how?

safety measures
Friday, 24.04.2015
“Dobbenwiese“ where the Oldenburg Landessausstellung took place in 1905 including 65 „natives“ in a somalian village. Historical and spatial differences during a guided tour.

Saturday, 25.04.2015
How does a zoo function? Zoo Leipzig – it is called „Zoo of the future“.If dreams come true are nightmares we could call the zoo a daymare. The daymare maybe shows itself in the uncommon or unexpected – the crash or accident so to speak.