Monday, 27.04.2015
To make those who see also be looked at.

– gestures of territory-demarcation

Wednesday, 29.04.2015


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It is supposed to be a place where you have fun and where you are excited, recreate yourself and enjoy a good time. Stereotype is reproduced it is only done in the most boring and shallow way.

empty spectacle


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Thursday, 30.04.2015
Reviewing the logic of the park together. Like the lion licking out the brains of the severed cowhead we are also licked empty by the park: „Better than a horror movie“ the guide (Horst) says. (No fillers just killers.)

Friday, 01.05.2015
I started to draw the Zooropa map. I started to look for texts related to the project,
i.e. Kafka and Benjamin. I started to do an abstract about the introduction to
ethnology. I started to read more about the architecture and cultural dispositivs of

Finally: perhaps becoming an animal is not about knowing what an animal is and
what it means that we become animals but more about „forgetting“ what an animal
„is“. An animal of the future would be an animal about whose animality (in relation
to „our“ humaneness) we can’t be sure anymore. This also implies that we are not
sure about humanity anymore ( -> das Mensch).