Woche 2

After working on the five questions, we went on to dig deeper into different aspects of our artistic fields, with a prominent role for performance art. We broadened the application of the question of how to create…

Transformation through…Sound

The transformation of sound into the visual. Finding similar sounds, grouping, adding, overstimulate, transforming from one to the other, until no longer recognisable. The source, the proximity and distance and simultaneously playing

It was known by all from Kreuzberg to Neukölln
That tricks were cheap 
However no-one dared to step to the fore
No more
And play the sounds from their collections 
to the ecstatic crowds
Longingly they lasted night by night
Repeating beats from times long passed
only not to have to think about their futures.

Play these songs we made simultaneously and let them transform into one

Transforming through rhythm, copying, intrinsically changing and making it your own, being inspired by others’ movements

Transformation through…Text

Gathering words, collage, individual interpretation of the whole, interpretative poem, forever transforming narrative, floating between fantasy and reality, writing into, writing out of, narrative, fractured, questions unanswered

No more poetry

Transformation through…Garment tactility

The kinesphere, moodboard creation, experiencing materials, tactility, moulage, intuitive placement of fabric, immediately shaping the other, contrasting surfaces, hard, foamy, textile-inspired fluid movement

I’m not in the mood said the needle
I’m not asking for your voice, the sewing machine spun back.
This is how collections are created: