Alex Viteri

Alex Viteri is a Berlin-based Andean performer and scholar. Viteri is a member of the dance collective MaCA and an ongoing collaborator of the choreographers Juliana Piquero and Marion Budwig. In 2019, they premiered “Fan de Ellas” at the Theater Sophiensaele. Viteri also performed for various iterations of “Apparitions sur le récif ” ICI CCN, Montpellier (2021), and 3bisF, Aix en Provence (2022). In 2021&22, they co-hosted the forum “About Dance” at Lake Studios, Berlin. From 2019 to 2022, they were granted The Saison Foundation Air Partnership, Japan. In September 2022, MaCA premiered its newest work at Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale.

Viteri received a DIS-TANZ-SOLO and RechercheStipendium from the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media and is an associate artist at BAS, UdK. They are currently writing their Ph.D. dissertation on the authentic ways mountains, plants, and other living organisms participate in a dance’s meaning-making and composition at CUNY.