A Miscarriage Of Freedom

In the heart of the post-Soviet era, we as a group of young Russians, the first free generation, confronts the complexities of our homeland’s socio-political landscape. Faced with challenges, including widespread arrests and a stifling atmosphere, we embark on a profound research project focusing on the omnipresent tool wielded by the Putin regime: propaganda.

This interdisciplinary team, consisting of actors, musicians, and a puppet theater artist, aims to dissect the evolution of Russian propaganda from the Soviet Union’s collapse to the present day. Rejecting traditional hierarchical structures, the team operates horizontally, exploring the effectiveness of a leaderless collaborative approach in artistic endeavors.

Our research method employs documentary theater, blending it with elements of play theater. Each team member delves into specific historical periods, scrutinizing news broadcasts, TV shows, and cultural phenomena. Social media and personal reflections form a crucial layer of analysis, highlighting the impact of propaganda on individuals.

Join us in this crazy adventure trough propaganda. Watch it with us, discuss it, find out how it works and create your own propaganda video.


Ilya Khodyrev, Mikhail Poliakov, Vsevolod Kovalenko, Tatyana Ochsenohr

making off

10.08.2024 19:00 Uhr


15.07.2023 –


Theater neben dem Turm
in Marburg


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