Autocracy on Air


“Autocracy on Air” is a research project by Turbobahn, an initiative that comprises Anderer Kunstverein e.V. and Rousl Collective, a Syrian media initiative. The project focuses on the death of Hafiz al-Assad and delves into Syrian media archives around the 10th of June 2000 to create an audio story of significant moments in Syrian history.

The research team examines the possibilities of creating an audio track and theater scenes by processing Syrian media archives. The primary objective is to draw a precise and scientifically based protocol of the Syrian media’s processes during the war. The project also aims to explore artistic innovation and theoretical reflection, expanding the possibilities of the genre of historical reenactment, and considering socio-political intervention.
Through this research, Turbobahn stimulates discussion about the historical relationship between European and Arab countries and how collective memory of a traumatic event can be integrated into social life. The project encourages artistic networking and political education.

The research team comprises movie director Saeed Al Abatal, musician Martin Basman, scenographer Reem Helou, and media philosopher Ferdinand Klüsener. Together, they use their diverse skill sets to approach the project from various angles, culminating in a comprehensive exploration of Syrian media history.”


Ferdinand Klüsener, Martin Basman, Saeed Albatal, Reem Helou

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Elina Kulikova

Elina Kulikova, (born in St. Petersburg, Russia) — a theatre director an…


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