Die Steuerwesen

Taxes are an important tool of democracy and solidarity, the monetary basis for our living together. But why are taxes such a frustrating, overwhelming topic? We want to work on our struggle, our questions and insecurities artistically.
How do I perform my income tax bill? We will use performing arts to explore the aberrations of the German tax system. How can we translate abstract forms into space in order to try out other ways of dealing with them? Why can ransom payments be tax-deductible and what would that look like? Could we counter the tax return with a tax-frustration-workout? Is there a spiritual way of dealing with our taxes, in which we get to know and (perhaps) make friends with the tax system? We will try out in a transdisciplinary research team constellation from the wirbeideKollektiv (Lena Düspohl & Emilia Schlosser) with Daniel Maurer and Anna Breit. Wirbeide works with the translation of theoretical research into installative and choreographic formats where humour and creating encounters within the processes and with the audience are important. Anna is a graphic designer and book designer. She has a close eye on the presentation of e.g. forms and spatial design. Daniel, with his philosophy degree, has a specific approach to texts, which also translates from theory into practice in his affinity for text on stage and improvisation formats.



Emilia Schlosser, Lena Düspohl, Daniel Maurer und Anna Breit

making off

24.08.2022 00:00 Uhr


28.07.2023 –


Theater Combinale
in Lübeck


Verena Lobert

Verena Lobert studierte Kulturwissenschaften und Ästhetische Praxis mit den …


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making off