Freundschaft. Cold War

Freundschaft. Cold War


So what is this about? Friendship they said. Völkerverständigung they said. Ok let’s perform Völkerverständigung. Three…Two…One…Did you know that the countdown is not really technically necessary for the start of a rocket? Just for the joy of thrill, they said. So much fun, haha. Not laughing but laughing haha.
I don’t know why but aren’t they incredibly beautiful? All this destructive power blinking on the horizon just as Einstein would say, “Didn’t I tell you so?” Mushroom-love marks the end.
Maybe our performance wasn’t good enough. Maybe we need to try harder to connect. Softer. Definitely.

Whitney, Polina, Andrej and Julius met in 2019 at the choreographic center La Faktoria in Pamplona. The beginning of this contract of friendship was a harmless joke: “When I sit in between you two – I can feel the Cold War again.”
Actually, we thought this project would have become obsolete with the end of Trump’s administration. The revival of a nuclear escalation is directed to distant galaxies. But since we met, we have been discussing more or less (likely less) well-founded historical similarities/differences, the stories of our ancestors, the current political situation, communication habits. We are far from identifying with national concepts…German, Russian, American… sounds like the last century. And so macho. Yawn. Us – way too young to know what the GDR, the Soviet Union, the USA were really like before 1990. Growing up with people who experienced this. Some of it lives on in ourselves and shapes our perception. Silent and Efficient. Like Novichok. The first generation that could play a harmless game of identities against this background. We thought. Well,- wrong.


Julius Gilbert, Polina Tiabut, Whitney Casal, Andrii Romanenko

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Martin Nachbar

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