The art collective Santix Schwarz is born from the desire to investigate and experiment with visual arts, technology with dance, and performance, always from a non-colonial perspective. For us, building a bridge between ritual and technology means creating visions of the future and placing them in relation to the past. The idea of the research is to further explore the intricacies of ritual, technology and performance. We want to build a space both physical and virtual. We plan to map the theatre from various perspectives as well as the body. From here, we discover forms of coding and decoding which allow us to transmit to a virtual space while simultaneously being active and present. As we question the transfers of knowledge and power in technology, movement and ritual, we also use the theatre as a place of decolonial research for reimagining. It is about building effects and layers of how the virtual and physical overlap affect the performing body. What is the connection between virtual and reality; the past and future balled into the present?




Santix Schwarz:
José de Paiva, Kathleen Kunath, Cintia Rangel, Guilherme Morais

making off

27.06.2022 00:00 Uhr


31.05.2023 –


theater wrede+
in Oldenburg


Mark Mushiva

Mark Mushiva is a Berlin-based Namibian multidisciplinary creative technologi…


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making off