when objects speak

An artistic and scientific research in the field of puppetry, object and plastic theatre, dedicated to the analysis of the cultural heritage of Germany and Ukraine, in particular folklore (proverbs, songs, rituals, celebrate traditions) and fairy tales, which are known and popular throughout Europe but acquire different meanings, interpretations and reflections in each nation.

The puppeteers Martina Hering and Dr. Daria Ivanova-Hololobova seek to approach this problem from the artistic-scenic and theatrical-scientific points of view. The artists seek to find consonant and synonymous features, parallels between the plots known in Ukraine and Germany. The research focuses on the objects: how to make metamorphoses, how to express different emotions and reflections, how to make them alive and recognisable in different dimensions?


Martina Hering, Dr. Daria Ivanova

making off

11.07.2023 19:00 Uhr


22.06.2023 –


Theater in der Kurve
in Neustadt


Mareike Buchmann

Mareike Buchmann is a movement researcher and performance artist. Her practic…


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