Woche 1


14.07.2018, Saturday:

-First dinner altogether, talking about the project and some first issues and questions:

16.07.2018, Monday:

-Working all together (Baly, Berna, Hiba, Tümay)
Talking generally about expectations about the process, personal experiences, ideas…
Planning some the week, talking about the meeting with Nora
-Warm up, brainstorming, talking about the brainstorming notes

-First meeting with Nora (Introduction, contract & financial issues by Svenja, technical issues by Annika
-Talk/chat with Nora and planning of the Tuesday

17.07.2018, Tuesday:

-Collective warm up
Collective brainstorming and taking more notes on the mindmap
Making conceptual groupings with post-it’s
Taking notes for future exercises


Lecture of Nora about the historical development of oriental dance in Egypt from the ancient
times to the present

18.07.2018, Wednesday:

Individual preparing for movement session/sharing & questions
Warming up
Sharing prepared things (Nora is joining/watching)
Nora’s movement workshop/session & closing day with questions & discussing

19.07.2018, Thursday:

Collective warm-up
Watching and moving through Ted -X Talk of Kaouthar Darmoni
Moving and improvisation with small breaks in-between
Discussion: Talk about feminism…
Try out with microphone, music and dance
Feedback session for try out and the first week in general

20.07.2018, Friday:

Sharing and discussion of the materials (books, videos etc.) useful for our research.