We’R’Dansöz” is a research project dealing with the ‘belly dance’ which has always been a subject of orientalist approaches. But since that ‘female dance’ genre has a very different tradition in itself, it can also be a medium of self-empowerment for women. Some basic departure points of this research can be considered as the creation of an individual movement language based on belly dance technique, deconstruction of orientalist – erotic and exotic- female body images, sound improvisations based on silencing or cry -victimization or activism. Dealing with the power relations in artistic and social spheres, this collective women’s project can be medium of breaking some stereotypes and presenting a process outside the “normal” choreographic production framework.


Tümay Kilincel, Baly Nguyen, Berna Kurt, Hiba Shammout

making off

09.08.2018 00:00 Uhr


14.07.2018 –


Theater im Ballsaal


Nora Amin

Performer, choreographer, author, theatre director and scholar. Fellow of the…


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