The third week is about finding attitudes and to concert the materials (object and movement)
together. Dynamics and Energy. What do we choose to bring forward? What else do we add to the
material in order to perform? What do we layer? What do we see when we look at a material?
What are the performing mods available?

24rd of July, Wednesday
Narrowing down the choices.
Choosing patterns for the dictionary

25th of July, Thursday
Exploring the patterns in different constellations. What kind of body is at work? Where is the
attention of the mover?
Discussion: What do we bring into our dance practice today from Foley work?
With the Foley practice, our attention shifted from moving to sound making; using the sound as an
interface to move.
In foley there is a efficient body use to make the fitting sound for the image. The purposefulness. In
this frame what would be unpurposeful? We explore it yet. It is quite early to go in direction
because we are still busy with setting rules for us.

26th of July, Friday
It is a hot day. We are tired and we want to go to swim. But there is one thing we were curious
about to try and we were postponing this exercise since some time. It is called “zombi dance”. We
did it again in the morning. Finally some thing appeared to us. Our experience is building up and
we layer the things in performing tasks. It is getting rich.

29th of July, Monday
What are the tools that we are using in composing? Silence, Suspension, Muting, Changing the
volume, chaos, feedbacking(looping)…
As we are dealing with the sound of the movement and the visual information at the same time, we
needed to define our elements in this new territory.
Our tendency is to produce movement and sound always together. We need time to understand
our own material and its necessities and rules. We need a third layer!!!
We explored strategies in sound making and moving together:
#creating suspension and silence together#joining s.b.’s action or sound, gesture #answering
#echoing ?(still a question mark what echoing practically means)#feedbacking**#chaos#regulation
of the volume of the sound#regulation of the tension and release; tuning the tone#muting the
sound of a movement#hiding the source of the sound#playing with foreground and background
#using the other bodys to make sound/ expanding the body

30th of July, Tuesday
On monday and tuesday, we spend time together exploring the elements. How does the body
organizes itself? Is it embodied body while sound making or detached from it? Is it an instrument or
directing the attention into other layers? Do we hide the source of the sound? How laud are we?
As a new tool, we decided to explore feedbacking.

** feedbacking //let the body move…
Feeding my selfe, being inspired by the others, and at the same time following a hundred percent
with my own interest, sensitivity, imagination, emotion, physical experience, so one can be a
source for the others as well.
From technopedia.com: “Feedback is an event that occurs when the output of a system is used as
input back into the system as part of a chain of cause and effect. This alters variables in the
system, therefore resulting in different output and consequently different feedback as well, which
can either be good or bad.”