As we are approaching to an end -end of the residency- we became busy with what we are going to carry with us to the next step. Next residency, next production, next practice whatever comes after Flausen + Residency.

Where we are now? What kind of questions does our practice bring? What are our questions when we practice something, something specific?

A necessity, a desire of turning the Making off into an experience, we chose and packed and formed the elements. So that one could study the relations of things and dive more into the things, materials, elements, questions and practice.

We grouped the materials through different categories and ordered them and throw them again as a dice to see what does chaos takes away or brings as a new perspective.

Sound, Body, Object
Under these main titles looked for other doors to enter by playing a game: sound of the body, body of the object, object of the sound, sound of the object…

What kind of narrations appears through different perspectives and how many?

How to tell a story that does not narrate in the classical sense?

By grouping the materials into hypothetical narration “preparation of space” and “performance” we focused on the qualities and brought choices front that sound and movement fuse one to another and the sense of the source blur.

A long conversation between music and dance or movement and sound, during our research residency, includes a new question: “What creates what? “. It aims at finding entrance points that blurs the borders of the disciplines and leaves the viewer and the listener in question.