We came to the place with our structured working programme and from the first moment the space itself started giving us suggestions of how to change it and how to live and work here. We are spending our first week in the rehearsal space of fringe ensemble, where we have a big ball room for our research, two rooms for our rest and a kitchen for our energy recharge.

Chain Podcasting became Random Talk

Deep Listening became Reading Aloud

Focusing on the Focus became Mixing Practices

This first week we are asking ourselves:

What if we place the rupture inside of the recording studio? What if instead of recording a podcast by sitting on chairs with headphones on our ears and mics in front of our mouths, we play tisch tennis, make collages, dance or compose something together?

More questions followed:

How at all to stay in a conversation while doing something else that has its own rhythm and rules!

What makes a podcast listen-able? Follow-able? Access-ible? Relate-able?

Is the rupture only there to make things more complicated or it also becomes a readable part of the whole content?

This week we are letting our own personal experiences with love, empathy and non-belonging get affected by things we read in books and magazines, hear on podcasts and see in films. We are approaching the topic carefully so that we stay sensitive to the banalities, stereotypes and insisting expectations it can bring. We are carefully searching for ways of getting in contact with its specificity and multiplicity.

For our first meeting with Ole Frahm, our mentor, we discussed the correlation between radio broadcast and online podcasts, how the format of pre-recorded or live conversation influences the content and its performativity and we listened to some of our tryouts.