Love, Empathy and Aidiyetsizlik – performative podcasting

Love, Empathy and Aidiyetsizlik - performative podcasting

For this research we are staging a weekly podcast with the title “Love, Empathy and Aidiyetsizlik”.

But as we see it, podcasts and theatre stages do not belong to each other. And, as it can easily be seen, the three words in the title of our research hardly all belong together either. It may be because the Turkish word aidiyetsizlik translates as non-belonging or belonging-less. But it may also be because we are drawn to ruptures and disruptions.

Our research process will follow certain paradoxes of the tensions we have formulated and will open to the public on a weekly basis. The four editions of our podcast (not) for the stage will follow the development of our own perceptions and auto-fictions about the workings of love, empathy and aidiyetsizlik, as well as make visible and palpable the structural mismatches we find between the medium of the podcast and the dispositif of the theatre.


Burçak Konukman, Todor Stoyanov, Ida Daniel

making off

11.07.2023 00:00 Uhr


15.06.2023 –


Theater im Ballsaal


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making off