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What is specific about the violence police is using?

Goal-orientented manipulation; to bring someone to the ground, from A to B, fix someone to a specific place. Goal-oriented and random at the same time, the subject is being criminalized through the use of violence, resistance / protection of ones own body is being read as hindrance to the police work.

Police violence as instinctive and intuitive, once it is released there is no stopping it. The more police officer are entering the scene the greater the force.

How to resist to ‘police violence’?

What does it mean to re-enact a concrete example of police violence as a choreography? What is being produced if documentary footage is being framed through choreography?

What are the choreographic tools and strategies of police violence? For example the chain reaction, steady increase of force, repetition, reversal,…?

How can we make these visible and abstract them?

Which form of reproduction works subversive? Parody, mockery,… ?

Police and contract

Which contract exists between the citizens and the police, which behaviors are possible and tolerated?

Police and Public space

Rules of circulation within the public space

Police and discrimination

Which treatment for which community?

Racialized groups, stigmatization, dehumanization, becoming a “beast”, embodiment of the violence…

How does one create an enemy body?

Police and gender

Masculinity and repressive system, embodiment of this system by women bodies

Uniforms, genders and fantasies: Strippers, sexualization of policewomen / pop and porn culture

Police and violence

Tools and strategies (protocols) employed to break someone: Control, locking, nudity, humiliation…

How does the police violence affect the body and the mind?

How can one protect oneself? Passivity, Cooperation, Resistance

When does one give up any form of resistance? (Police grip, manipulation: moving in space to invasive touch)

Police, ritual and ideology

Repetition of systems, embodiment of a structure, ritualization of a practice, sacred ceremony, aestheticisation…

Bodily activity to ideology and discursive production…