Osho warm up
Besides being a warm up audiences saw a second layer relating to police violence. Some enjoyed watching the physical strain and exhaustion we had put on ourselves.
Image of Hands up was strong and powerful.
Who or where is the police? Where you the policemen preparing or where you a group of protestors and demonstrators?


Violent contact
Interesting to see the different strategies in the movers, trapping, pulling, using force.
Shoulder to shoulder contact was perceived as non-violent/less violent compared to hands on the face. Do we think of the relationship between different body parts as democratic?
Violent on a visual level. Slow Motion Kung Fu/dancing and Fighting at the same time
This was not about violence but about moving, working together, measuring out, balancing/ Is it even the opposite of violence? As it becomes about shared responsibility?
Interesting as a practice as Contact Improvisation is normally about continuous Flow/ the effort of moving together should not be seen/ We did the opposite of that
The image of police(wo)man vs. civilian body was not strong enough/also the inequality that is between such encounters
There was a strong wish in some audience members to see a ‚real‘ loss of control