logbuch woche  03.


This third week of our time in Oldenburg manifested a lot of words and lot of questions, as well as shapes, tasks, things on the stage. Words appeared as light on the skin. Questions hung in the air. Crackled through Skype connections.

Here we collect some of our research questions that could be written down, and that remain in a state of exploration >>>


Q: ​What happens when ‘thingify’ the body on stage?
Q: ​What happens when we ‘wordify’ the body on stage?
Q: ​Can we ’thingify’ then ‘wordify’ then ’thingify’ then ‘wordify’ the body? Flipping in succession
Q: ​When we ‘flip’ the thing reality and the word reality of a person or an object in the view of the onlooker, does Reality sparkle through?


In this four weeks together:
Q: ​When is something interesting on stage?
Q: ​Who defines that?
Q: ​Is it important that it is interesting for everybody?
Q: ​Is there something you all feel clearly ‘ah, that’s exciting and interesting’?

Q: ​What is the minimum agreement in order to do something with full engagement?
Q: ​Does it need agreement?
Q: ​Is there a fear of not being recognized? Of not being understood?
Q: ​Is there a fear that nothing concrete will be produced?

Q: ​How do your own positions as artists as four people finding ways of working together, as displaced researchers in oldenburg, as meshworks of various differentiating and/ or solidarizing experiences, manifest on stage?

Q: ​What is it with this taking each others place on stage?
Q: ​How does that work?
Q: ​Can everybody embody the three attitudes you were talking about?
Q: ​How does one attitude change to another one?

Q: ​Is there an overruling power structure that you agreed on before and have to perform now endlessly?

If so
Q: ​How is it defined
Q:​ Is it written down?
Q: ​Is it a secret to the audience or openly communicated?
Q: ​Or are you finding and creating the structure and the conditions while performing?

Q: ​Are you too ambitious?
Q: ​What’s the title of today’s performance?


Q: Can we be four black holes on the stage?


Q (to Google) : What does a black hole do?

Q: How do we prevent light from escaping?
Q: How do we press matter into a tiny space?
Q: What is the star? How do we acknowledge the end of it’s life?
Q: How can we be invisible?
Q: What special instruments do we need? What matter is very close to us, that can be observable?


Q: What is the usefulness of doing a work (like your father)?
Q: What is the use less ness of the work (of your father)?

Q: What is the usefulness of your movements on stage?
Q: What is the usefulness of your being on stage?

Q: “Is there somebody in the stage-space?”

Q: What are the specifics of stage?

Q: What is the right question?

Q: When there are no objects, where are we?


Q: How to use a tool and give value and not misunderstand it?
Q: Is there a way to give a task from four different perspectives?

Q: What can appear?