Having worked together in smaller collaborations before, we are now coming together for the first time as one group. We are interested in various forms of transformation, with the goal of never arriving. In the weeks prior to our residency we decided to get into the mood of endlessly transforming things by creating small artworks and then handing them over to each other. This was our base to define 5 starting questions of research.


Jasiek Mischke (NL/PL) is a spoken word performance artist that comes from a visual art background. Mark Christop Klee (DE) and Coralie Merle (CH) met during their studies of contemporary dance in Amsterdam. Sarah Kerbosch (NL) and Guusje de Bruin (NL) started working together after their studies of Fashion Design in Arnhem. As a group we are interested in the intersection of visuals, text, performance and movement.


  • adding on … (growing)
  • interaction of body and entity
  • recognising and un-recognising
  • expanding and condensing
  • pulling the fish out of its universe

In the first week we worked on the following 3 questions:

How can we create transformation by …adding on … (growing)

Piling up endlessly, growing, more is more, never building down! Oversaturation, shifting focal points while constantly adding .

The start is never by itself
One step is always two 
Moving backwards is not real
Jumping is moving upwards for a short period

Losing definitions through constant expansion of information.

How can we create transformation by …interaction of body and entity

Merging the body and object, body <> skin, fabric <> object, function of object, presence/absence of entity, interaction between contrasting, melting through, clashing with, impairing, advancing, enhancing

The touch
The kinesphere
Inside out outside inside through
Outer shell without a border
Closeness through distance

Objects are entities, bodies are entities, objects close to the body start to become part of the bodies they are interacting with.

How can we create transformation by …recognising and un-recognising

Disguise and visibility, understanding from misunderstanding, stretching the moment of uncertainty, breaking up the expected, the familiar, when revealed

Do know
Do see
Do not know
Do not sea Video-Player

The eye quickly wants to fill in the gaps of what it doesn’t yet know or see. Can we blur this part of the recognising process through disorientation and change the path of recognising processes.