This week was about going deeper into some of the starting points we already have, to discover how they potentially interact with each other

How to create transformation by…imagining

Pitching, imagination, describing the unseeable, ultimate performance, speaking the unthinkable, finding transformations, transforming within descriptions, from idea to idea, bringing opposites together, merging the unmergeable, triggers

Coralie’s pitch…performative parcours

Mark Christoph’s pitch…ever-changing identities of objects and bodies

Jasiek’s pitch…layering overlaying

Guusje’s pitch…a tent in a tent in a tent

Sarah’s pitch…seducing attention

This Pitch

That fucking cunt!
Shouted this bitch
Look at her!
Look at him!
Look me in the eyes.
Everyone did have ideas,
Every brain saw something else.
That day they took the time to listen
they managed,

Realising Coralie’s pitch…performative parcours

Two solos, impact of speed, paper skirt, see of fabric, floating head, worlds colliding, balancing movement and speech, dichotomy, over and over and over, merging with the movement, heavy, soft, hard, light, head, arm, head, leg

The journey

They imagined a parcours
A world of wonders
A fairytale
of sorts
Immersive from conception
Disruptively exposed
One rose, declined, scrawled under, moved aside.
Two entered, none left, and exit on the right.

Realising Mark Christoph’s pitch…ever-changing identities of objects and bodies

Realising – one object, transformation in function, transformation through esthetics, plethora, hard cuts, soft transformations, fashion show, bauhaus, fluid motion, falling to the floor, grandma put a blanket on your knees.

Just wallpaper

in the end
it’s still just
the sheet,
not confetti,
not a dress,
not ripped apart,
still the same

Realising Jasiek’s pitch…layering overlaying

Realising – grande improvisation, something to hold on to, paper trail, outlining the parts, moving together, narrated imagination,stretching the lines,bluebodies,trappedinthe decor,chaos, pi l i n g  u p, c  l  e  a  r  n  e  s  s,  r   e   v   i   e   w   i   n  g      t     h     e      artwork.

improvisation between them

It is a black box,
everything (looked at from the audience space) just is,
presented and rather unconcrete
the transformation is taking place
but on that day Jasiek guided us
performing for our mentor Marc

Realising Guusje’s pitch…a tent in a tent in a tent

Realising – covering up, open space, projection through materials, difference in scale, breathing decor, transforming the theater, comfort, light play, improvising structure, negotiating a space, warming up with a chainreaction of recycling.

It transformed the space

It was transformed
The space
Formed in different than it was before
Sheets became walls and ceilings
Glitter, ropes, bodies and tubes.
Finally, the lamps had purpose
And the space was space no more.