Final week. This week was all about finding connections, looking back and aiming to achieve endless transformation in the unfinished.

Realising Sarah’s pitch…seducing attention

Trail trail trail, train of thought, choir of spoken word, tying up loose ends, witches circle, feeding the speaker, cutting the strip, never thinking the thought, keeping it small, delicate, sensitive, whisper, tenting construction of a new home, tent in tent in tent, pulling the ropes

Finishing thoughts

Defining that which is around us, filling the space, looking back, polishing, division through transformation, kinesphere adaptation, transforming into one body, revisiting, re-imagining, coming together in one phrase, placing elements, crinkling of the foil, microphone, soft voice, discovering a new world, far away but close, dancing without newton.

How to create transformation by connecting

Gathering and collecting, fine-tuning the other world, choreographed camera, chair dance, covered in plastic, small movement is enough, sound ripple, milky exterior, high contrast reveal, putting things in order, speaking is no longer necessary, trepidation, connecting elements, finding new angles, share, not share, fluid, abrupt, flowy, hard.

How to hold attention while transforming

How to, questions, break the flow, introduce new transformation, how to build an end, break a beginning, when transformation is endless, turn on the light, show the behind, hide the inside, show your colours, unplug the grey scale, connect the dots, be bright and light, change universes, remove the magic, transformation as the working space, parcours of process


Endings, beginnings, the in between, presentation no presentation, a glimpse of a process, experiment, broken champagne, live performance, cheers and laughter, lag, finished but never polished, pixels make up an image, cables, sound, (camera, action) connecting with the unconnectable, poem, follow the trail without hesitation, dance into your kinesphere, come together, tell me what is out there.

Seducer’s attention

You see better than we sea
while transforming,
connections hesitate
showing finishing thoughts
finish off the fishes by hooking
transforming by connecting.
zooming past two peolpe in a kinesphere in a corner of the room
on a video call
breaking off the making of
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Building down