The Poetic, Politic and Narrative Potential of Wallpaper

– Let’s talk about Wallpaper –

We, “Das Lemon” collective, will explore the Poetic, Political, and Narrative Potential of wallpapers – a seemingly mundane silent witness that is around us.

Coming from different backgrounds in classical music, software engineering, theatrical performance, and multimedia art, we peel back the layers, discovering a tapestry of stories.

Sitting in a bar staring at the wall while having nothing serious to say, made us discover personal and cultural connections to the topic.

We seek to unravel the storytelling potential, finding parallels to political issues such as gentrification of cities and socio-economic differences.

Who is able to shape their personal surroundings to their wishes? How much do our surroundings influence our way of thinking/feeling?

Our practice as research (PaR) will combine interviews, historical archives, literature, anecdotes and memories, technologies, public intervention, patterns, light, loops, lemons, love, monster trucks, scrambled egg, robotic walls, robotic paper, printers, silk-screen print, swimming suits, butt plugs, synths and friendship along the way.


Das Lemon :
Alicia Reyes, Lucas Xerxes, Robin Plenio, Joern Griepenburg

making off

06.10.2024 19:00 Uhr


09.09.2023 –


Sensemble Theater 
in Augsburg


Jede Woche ihres Stipendiums gibt die Gruppe einen Einblick in ihren Forschungsprozess.

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